Old North State Symbols #7 – The State Butterfly

In 2012, the State Legislature designated the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Pterourus glaucus) as the official butterfly of North Carolina. It is believed that artist and mapmaker John White, governor of Roanoke Island (the “Lost Colony”), was the first to draw the eastern tiger swallowtail. This painting was made sometime around 1587! Tiger swallowtails are large,… Read More Old North State Symbols #7 – The State Butterfly

Know Your Neighborhood – Brentwood Park

Just off the Beltline, nestled between Capital Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue, in the sleepy little neighborhood of Brentwood, there is a teensy little park. Part of Raleigh’s Greenway project, Brentwood Park and Community Center is a tiny oasis of wild in an otherwise largely suburban sprawl. My kids and I were running errands today, and… Read More Know Your Neighborhood – Brentwood Park