One of the truly bizarre flower species that grows native to my home area, passionflowers are a strange sight to behold. Their exotic appearance certainly made me doubt their native status in my younger days. While researching this genus, I discovered that Spanish missionaries used the various parts of the flower (the arrangement of the… Read More Passionflower


Today’s TTN video is about another gorgeous native wildflower, the beardtongue. Each new flower discovery we make has made our daily nature walks more and more exciting. Enjoy the beardtongues!     If you have any suggestions for future topics you’d like to see in this blog, please leave them in the comments! *All photos… Read More Beardtongue

Know Your Neighborhood – Brentwood Park

Just off the Beltline, nestled between Capital Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue, in the sleepy little neighborhood of Brentwood, there is a teensy little park. Part of Raleigh’s Greenway project, Brentwood Park and Community Center is a tiny oasis of wild in an otherwise largely suburban sprawl. My kids and I were running errands today, and… Read More Know Your Neighborhood – Brentwood Park